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Garden at the roof - Real green life

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:44

Garden at the roof - Real green life

Garden at the roof - Real green life

Roof garden , " hanging garden " is not new the solution , but still very good and effective , there are many shades to suit diverse shortage of green trees in the urban environment in general, and by no of time in particular.

More green space

It is difficult to imagine a living space , a habitat trees completely absent . Not always , everywhere can grow trees , but self -generated green space for your house is great.

Maybe this is a small point , such as a flower pot on the balcony , the green stems climbing in the window ... But if conditions permit , we can turn it into a piece of green garden . Of course, the ground garden is very hard , especially for those in the urban space , but high above the garden on the roof is very feasible

Good space for relaxing.

The houses in urban areas often have more part protruding outside space. In the past, most homeowners usually for potted plants - a solution that is simple and flexible. However, this approach sometimes led to increasingly narrow space narrower, and green spaces have become "unnatural" anymore. With vehicles and kinds of waterproof materials now, along with greater investment house, many works had a "real gardens" on the roof, on the terrace, with the study, but the layout not only is the individual potted plants again. Even if carefully calculated structural, drainage works, as well as the biological characteristics of the plants and can grow quite large trees directly on the relative terrace on the roof.

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